Vision for New Ministry Growth

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

“I could be in the middle of a crowd and still feel alone”

Evan and I have one thing in common: we’re both from Tacoma. Other than that, our lives have been very different. My Dad coached my elementary age baseball team. Evan’s Dad has been in jail his whole life. I was goofing off at middle school youth group, Evan was getting kicked out of Youth For Christ events for fighting. I was recruited to play keyboard in the youth worship band, Evan was recruited into a gang.

Today in San Diego there are thousands of young people like Evan. Feeling alone, on their own, and struggling to find purpose and meaning to their lives.

We took several months to listen and learn the landscape of youth ministry across San Diego county. Our goal: Discover the unique who and how God is leading us to reach.

As we listened and learned, we found thousands of youth in our community who are falling through the cracks.

They are in the margins, often unnoticed and overlooked. They are:
• Like Evan, children of incarcerated adults
• Teen moms and dads, many caught in cycles of generational poverty
• On probation after being arrested or convicted
• Students who have been expelled from one of our local school districts
• Homeless youth with unique and holistic needs

These are youth who need someone to stand in the gap and pursue them with the love and message of Jesus!

A lot of these kids have had to grow up way too fast. Like Evan, they’ve had to care for their younger siblings. One young woman we know in San Diego grew up “camping,” which is what her mom told her they were doing while they were actually homeless and living out of a tent and their car. Another young woman we’ve told you about is living in a two-bedroom apartment with three siblings, mom, stepdad, and bedridden grandma.

This is our vision for new ministry growth: To engage hurting youth in relationship with a YFC leader who will listen, learn their story, and share the hope of Jesus.

We’re building and training our initial team of volunteer mentors in a program called Juvenile Justice Ministry. Through our partnership with Angel Tree, we are matching these mentors with youth who are the kids of incarcerated adults

Stand with our vision for new ministry growth:


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