Tim and John

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

Ten teenagers…

  • Who have had a parent in prison.
  • Who are at the highest risk to follow their parents into drugs and crime.
  • Who now have a YFC leader investing in their life every week.

John is one of these first 10. At camp this summer, he impressed his cabin leaders with his open and honest transparency. While John may seem like any other teenager, his story tells of a deeper struggle and hurt.

When John was very young he remembers the Police SWAT team breaking into his home and taking his mom and dad away. He was left with no one to look after him. No one to love him. No one to tell him that it was going to be all right.

A lot of John’s family is or has been incarcerated, leaving him with very little family to care for him. John bounced around several foster homes, even sleeping on two chairs when one home was out of beds. John has since been adopted by his grandmother, who was quick to sign him up for mentoring after camp.

Thanks to YFC volunteer leader Tim, John now has a strong, Christian mentor in his life who can help him walk out of that pain and into new life. And thanks to you, we were there to connect Tim with John!

The 2016 Vision Campaign is our goal to raise $70,000 that will fund the continued growth of YFC's mentoring and campus ministry in San Diego. Every gift will help us continue to make a difference in the lives of John and others who desperately need a mentor!

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