The Vault

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

As a homeschooled kid, I grew up watching the Olympics on TV… ALL DAY. Gymnastics was one of my favorite summer sports. The vault is one of the craziest “how do they do that?” events in the Olympics, here’s a vault video from last year’s P&G Gymnastic Championships:

Is there any way that ever stops being SUPER fun to do? If only I could jump and spin like that…

We spent 2016 on that vault track running at top speed. And in the last months of 2016, we hit the first spring:

  • Doubled our number of church partners
  • Tripled our number of volunteer YFC Leaders
  • Tripled the number of kids we reached at Campus Life
  • Launched new ministry to teenage children of incarcerated adults

Now we’re between the first spring and the vault. All our acceleration last year has laid the groundwork for this year. 2017 will be explosive. We’re planning to launch three new ministry sites in the first six months of 2017 alone.

Thanks to our generous giving partners, the $55,000 given in the 2016 Vision Campaign will provide initial funding for our ministry in 2017. As God opens exciting doors, we are walking through them in faith that He will provide every partner, volunteer, and dollar required to fulfill our mission.

I’ve never been more excited about YFC ministry!

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