Summer 2019 Update

Posted on by Amy Conrad

Youth for Christ San Diego is so thankful for your support and prayers.  This month we want to update you on the difference Jesus is making in the lives of teens across the County. 


One of our key focus areas is relationship building – and we have worked hard on that in all aspects of our ministries these last few months.  Adult leaders built relationships with the teens they have worked with by helping them understand the love Jesus has for them and being a support for them when they want to open up about their lives. 


Our Be the Story event in June was held at Journey Community Church in La Mesa.  It was a powerful evening which introduced over 40 new people to the YFC San Diego community!  We had a great time getting to know everyone, answer their questions and present to them our vision and goals for our ministries in the coming year! Many relationships started between several communities, churches and YFC San Diego that night and we are so excited! Thank you to those that attended!


In mid-July, we took 16 high risk teens to Ojai Forest Home for YFC camp where we had a week of impactful experiences.  These high school-aged kids come from our Juvenile Justice Mentoring Ministry, all having had a parent in prison.  Each night the kids attended “Club” where they heard God’s Story.  On Thursday evening at Club, the kids had an opportunity to say “Yes” to following Jesus. We celebrate that 3 kids accepted the Lord for the very first time and one recommitted.    All three who said YES at camp had previously said NO when given the opportunity to respond before. Our leaders were able to see a change of heart and we knew the decisions were for real.


Angela, a camper who “believed in God as a child, but my life was always a mess” thought for a long time that she was unworthy of God’s love.  This year at camp, a leader started asking her questions and help her unpack her thoughts about God – telling her she was worthy and that she could say YES to Him.  She decided to say YES because she was ready to follow Him regardless of her life situation!


Laura has been a camper that has attended camp for many years, but has many times said NO and has had so many doubts.  This year she went to camp as part of a team that serves the campers.  As one of the leader’s recited the letter of Philippians from memory something inside her was pushing her…in her words: “I couldn't help but cry. I just kept crying. And I said ‘YES!’”. 


Juan heard the words in the worship song we sang over and over “I am chosen, not forsaken, I am who you say I am” and told his counselor he felt a resonation to become a Christ follower.  We will be there for Juan during his newborn faith journey as it is our mission to be with every kid YFC San Diego ministers to.  This is the privilege we have in Christ. 


YFC Camp is just the beginning of our relationship with these kids.  We had four new counselors volunteer their time to come to camp and our continuing to talk with the kids.  Though these kids’ stories are sometimes heartbreaking to hear, our counselor volunteers spent one-on-one time with each one of them, listening to them and developing relationship with them.  Now, that we are back, our staff hope to connect these kids with loving mentors. Pairing teens with a Christ-Centered adult is a key ministry focus for us here in San Diego.


Finally, we are full speed ahead in the process of developing Justice Church Covenants with churches all over San Diego. The premise is to partner with the local church to equip their congregations to become mentors for the referrals YFC San Diego receives for high risk kids who need mentoring, as well as equipping them to be mentors to kids in their own church.  We are excited for our Justice church partners that are establishing now and in the future.  Please pray for this ministry!   


Thank you for your love, prayers and support!


The Youth For Christ San Diego team,

Tina Flannery, Amy Conrad and Rachel Nunez

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