Spring 2020 Updates

Posted on by Amy Conrad

Youth for Christ San Diego is so grateful for your support and prayers over these last few months.  We are so excited to update you on the difference YFC San Diego is making in the lives of teens across the County. 


One of our key ministries is Campus Life – where staff and volunteers meet students on their school campus weekly. Dean Soule, our volunteer Campus Life Director often goes on campus at lunch to connect with students. One day, he struck a conversation with *Bryce who had been coming to club off and on. Bryce told Dean how much he loved pie.  With Thanksgiving coming up soon, Dean told Bryce, Campus Life would have a “Pie Day." The volunteers went out and bought A LOT of pies. Bryce came to club and was not only excited to see pie, but also his favorite, blueberry. Because Bryce felt noticed and heard, he opened up to the leaders and began sharing how his Dad is in prison. The next day Bryce saw Dean on campus and came running up and gave Dean a BIG hug.  


Campus Life is so much more than an after-school club. It's about leaders building authentic-Christ sharing relationships with lost kids. It is about going into their world, discovering their story and showing them Christ’s love. The fact the Dean remembered Bryce loved blueberry pie and brought him some opened the door for Bryce to feel valued and safe to share with the leaders. This is the heartbeat of our ministry.   


Another way we connect  adult leaders with teens is through our Juvenile Justice Mentoring Ministry Listen to a  story from one of our mentors, Lewis.

 “I took *Tim out for dinner. He told me he got into a fight at school. Tim seems to be a confidant to those that get picked on. He overheard this bully talking down to this girl so he asked the guy to stop it. The guy said "who's going to stop me?" Tim said "me". I told Tim the Lord is going to use him to help the less fortunate. All in all, Tim seems to be in good spirits, he is doing okay in school and I am attending his graduation ceremony in June. I sure am blessed having him in my life.”

Lewis is a faithful mentor who meets with Tim regularly.  He helps Tim process life decisions and talks with him and what it looks like to follow God.  And we love what Lewis wrote last, “I sure am blessed having him in my life.”  Mentors are just as blessed by the relationships as the teens.


Our desire is to connect more teens like Tim with mentors. We do this though our Justice Church collaborations. We have processed 5 new mentors from one of our new Justice Church partnerships, Canyon Springs. In November, we provided a training on trauma-informed care to the church’s congregation and then in January, a training on “all things Generation Z” which was open to Canyon Springs Church’s congregation, but specifically for the parents from their youth program. Fifteen parents from their youth program attended as well as our mentors. What a fun an informative night of learning and providing materials about how we can best minister to this bright and inquisitive generation!  We are praying about adding new Justice Church collaborations from around the County. Please join us in by praying for more churches to allow us to minister to their congregations and collaborate with us to mentor at risk teens.


Thank you for your love, prayers and support!


The Youth For Christ San Diego team,

Tina Flannery, Amy Conrad and Dean Soule

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