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Donald Ralph "Smitty" Smith 
August 11 1953 - July 25 2016

Don Smith, aka Smitty, died suddenly and unexpectedly Monday morning, July 25th 2016. He worked for San Diego Youth For Christ for decades. And when we wasn’t, he was still ministering to students in his own Campus Equippers ministry. Wherever Smitty went, a party followed. He was a magnet for everyone and had an impact on 1000s of students' lives over the decades.

A memorial service for Don will be Saturday, July 30, 3:00 pm at Horizon Christian Fellowship 5331 Mount Alifan Dr. San Diego CA 92111.

Please pray for his wife Joan and family.

The best way to get a sense of just what kind of impact this man had on the Kingdom of God is to read tributes posted on Facebook from former YFC staffers and his club kids:

“The love and enthusiasm he had for Christ was what sparked my attention back in the early 80's that lead me to want to know Jesus.”

“I would not have gone into ministry or had the life I've had without him.”

“Don, thank you for loving His kids for so many years and selflessly serving them. Thank you for living out the gospel in an unpretentious, robust manner. Thank you for touching so many lives and for reminding me that a life lived well for the Father is the most joyful, fulfilling and beautiful gift a man can give his family and friends.”

“The impact that Don Smith made on this earth is immeasurable, and there are hundreds of people who could tell you personal stories and testimonies. And I'll tell you what, every one of those stories will include the word LOVE. This man was the definition of joy and happiness. He loved everyone, and most of all he loved God, and he spent his life using God's love to bless others.”

“You made Christ real in our lives. You brought Him into our presence, with a passion, for giving his gift of life-long faith, and salvation, to each of us.”

“When I was in high school and working on Campus Life staff in college, Smitty was the man! He was the guy who showed all the young guys it was cool to focus on the ministry. He was the guy who could speak tenderly to the heart of a student and a minute later get up and lead a thousand students in a rousing rendition of ‘The Second Story Window’ or ‘Junior Birdman.’”

“He was my first boss with Youth for Christ and helped open my eyes to the impact I could have on public school campuses. He loved Jesus, loved kids, and loved life.”

"Smitty had a heart for the youth of San Diego throughout his entire life. He wanted them to know Jesus. He brought that message with his whole heart. I will miss him. I am better for knowing him.”

“He helped kids from all walks of life find joy, go on field trips, go camping and empowered them through positive example and words. He was a dedicated youth worker and ministered to many, many people's heart. He was an optimist and only saw the good in people. It was his calling. He had such a gift for humor. I first met Smitty back in the early 70's. It was my first Campus Life meeting and he was testing out the electric chair! He had me laughing so hard, a little zap and he was flying out of that chair! Crazy fun memories. He loved Jesus and had a precious, giving, nonjudgmental heart.”

“Don Smith taught me so much about life, youth ministry, and how to love kids and teach them about what it means to love the Lord. The man loved Jesus with every ounce of his heart and did everything he could to share Him with students.”

“Smitty was my YFC director (73-76) and taught me many things about God, about unconditional love, about living life to its fullest.”

“He is dancing with Jesus. Glad reunion ahead! Dance Smitty dance!!!”

Matthew 25:23: “His master said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant. You were faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.”

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