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Last week in our Campus Life club at Montgomery Middle School, we talked about the labels people are given and the impact they have on their lives. I handed students sticky notes and asked them to write out labels they have received from other people.

These are some of the labels I saw:

“Fat.” “Ugly.” “Beautiful.” “Goody Two-shoes.” “Teacher’s Pet.” “Intelligent.” “Loser.” “Loyal.”

Every day, middle school students carry the weight of these labels given to them by others. During club, students were willing to open up to each other and their leaders about how they felt when given each label.

After everyone shared, we sat in a circle and I shared a message of hope: The only labels that truly matter are the ones Jesus gives us. After I shared, I asked students to write out positive labels and give them to other students in the room. I was blown away by their response and how insightful they were as they showered each other with positive encouragement!

In addition to students giving each other labels, several of them gave sticky notes to the leaders. One student, a sixth-grade girl, handed me a note labeled “funny.” I am more often accused of being too serious than I am of being funny, so I was slightly surprised. The student saw my surprise, and said one of the most profound things I have ever heard from a middle school student. She said,

“I try to help people see the things they don’t see about themselves.”

Here I was hoping I had been able to have an impact on the students when a student ended up deeply impacting me.

Students are being impacted with the Gospel in profound ways through Campus Life, and they in turn are having an impact on others, including the leaders.

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