It’s All About Who You Know

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

We’ve all heard this phrase, right? Google search it and you’ll get over a billion results! Most of the them are all about getting a job or professional networking. The focus is on the value of your relationships to advance your career, sales, or other goals.

Recently, Youth For Christ staff Jason Farley asked a group of middle schoolers, “Who do you know?” But his question wasn’t about getting a job or making money; it was about sharing the Gospel. Jason asked the students in the room to write down everyone they know at their school in three lists:
1.         You know are followers of Jesus
2.         You don’t know what they believe
3.         You know aren’t followers of Jesus

When they finished writing, everyone in the room was surprised at how many people they knew! Jason’s point was this: we often don’t realize how many people we know who could be invited into ministry with us or who need to know the message of Jesus!

Youth For Christ staff are ministry mobilizers.

Jason is challenging these youth to invite their Christian friends to join their ministry through Youth For Christ. But he’s also equipping them to share their faith relationally. Each of these students is praying for some of their friends to meet Jesus this year, and they’re praying for chances to make that introduction themselves. Kids equipped and released to share the Gospel at their school!

And that’s what Youth For Christ ministry is all about: Christ-sharing relationships. These are relationships built on acceptance, trust, love, and hope. As I learn your story, I share my story - and when I share how Jesus has changed my life, I share how he wants to change your life as well. We call it 3Story and it’s how we equip every YFC leader of any age to engage youth who are far from knowing Jesus Christ.

Our vision in San Diego is all about who we know: youth who are looking for answers they can’t find anywhere else. Young people searching for hope, for their identity, for the true source of life.

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