Holy Spirit Grift

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

“The true grift of Christmas…”

Everyone laughed. But of course, it doesn’t take much to get a room of 20 middle schoolers to laugh! They are a squirrely bunch always, and interruptions are just a normal part of Campus Life after school clubs. Jason, who was leading the discussion, shrugged it all off and continued talking about Jesus as the true meaning of Christmas.

But just a minute later, he said “the Christmas grift,” and the whole room erupted in laughter! Jason was sure he had lost everyone’s attention for good.

But then all of a sudden everyone was quiet. I was watching a girl, probably 12 years old, across the room from me. She looked like she was seeing for the first time. Locked in, she listened motionless as Jason explained the full gospel. Another student to my left who had been making side comments to his friend was totally silent.

Jason told everyone to close their eyes and invited anyone who wanted to talk to their leader more to look them in the eye. I closed my eyes and prayed for every kid in the room.

Afterward one of our leaders shared that he prayed with a student to receive Jesus for the first time! The student’s comment was this: “I’ve gone to church but never listened to what they were saying.”

It was the student to my left who I’d seen go from interruptions to attention.

Somehow, a little tongue tied slip (twice!) got the giggles out and silenced a room so the gospel could go forward and be received. I walked to my car humbled. “This is it.” I thought to myself. “This is why we do what we do, this is the point of our whole ministry.”

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