Can we do another

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

I've meet with my mentee for over a year now. She shares everything with me and I listen. Mostly the hour is filled with her talking and talking and talking! Lately, I've felt God challenge me to ask if she would be willing to read God's Word. Risky request. Would it drive her away? Would she feel like I'm only interested in my agenda? She loves me which is great, but I really want her to love God. She isn't sure she even believes in God. I don’t want her to graduate and have missed an opportunity to introduce her to my best friend, Jesus. 

Last week I took a devotional book and near the end of our time I asked if it would be ok if we read a little Scripture. She looked at me and said, "Sure."  We read a couple of passages and as I was about to close the book, she said,

“Can we do another one?”

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