Beyond My Faith

Posted on by Vince Sarfraz SD

The following story was written by a member of the Youth For Christ USA Cities Pursuit Community. These are real stories and pieces showing how God is using YFC USA as a vehicle in raising up life-long followers of Jesus all across the nation.

There are some youth in the institution that are fairly unresponsive to the Gospel. They are civil but make no pretense of any interest in God. Some youth walk around with a tough attitude and you sense rebellion toward any endeavor to build a relationship. One such youth finally fulfilled his time and was released. A few months went by and I was informed that he was being held at the Adult Justice Center with a murder charge. Allegedly, he had fired into a crowd and hit a child in the head.

We went to visit this young man and as we were going up in the elevator I shared with the Chaplain that I did not know how we would be received as this was not a “warm and fuzzy” relationship.  The young man came out shocked to see us. As we sat at a small table outside his unit we again shared the Gospel. This time there was no attitude, no pretense, and no disinterest. There was simply a young man in an extremely difficult situation with no where to look but upward. It was at that moment when we finished sharing the Gospel and asking him if he would want to pray that he humbly bowed his head and asked Jesus to change his heart. Immediately, the Chaplain went and got him a Bible, to which he replied in wonderment, “Is this really mine? Can I keep it?” All the times I had prayed and asked God to save this young man, I wonder if I had ever truly believed for him. He had been so closed, so unresponsive, so surly. Could this same young man now be so humble, so grateful, so deeply touched by our Savior? As we were leaving he asked us to share with his friends back at the Juvenile Detention Home he came out of, “please tell them not to be foolish with their lives, it is just not worth it.”

We are now visiting with this young man and he is trying to learn how to trust the Lord and read his Bible. Pray for him as he awaits charges and a trial. Pray that God will use his life where ever He takes him.

Blog submitted by YFC of Greater Cleveland

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