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One Week Too Short

6/10/2016 in Category

“Have a great summer!”

Are your high school yearbooks full of that phrase like mine? I remember sitting in the halls on the last day of school writing “Have a great summer” to people I... More

Vision for New Ministry Growth

3/18/2016 in Category

“I could be in the middle of a crowd and still feel alone”

Evan and I have one thing in common: we’re both from Tacoma. Other than that, our lives have been very different. My Dad coached my... More

It’s All About Who You Know

2/26/2016 in Category

We’ve all heard this phrase, right? Google search it and you’ll get over a billion results! Most of the them are all about getting a job or professional networking. The focus is on the... More

You Are The Village

12/16/2015 in Category

When I graduated from high school and even college my family came to the ceremony. I'm not talking about just my parents, but my entire family--aunts, uncles, grandparents and even crazy... More

My Fixer Upper

12/1/2015 in Category

My "fixer-upper"  home is a mix of unfinished projects. My husband is an excellent handyman but he does have a full-time job. Just as he is about to complete one thing, something else... More