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You Are The Village

12/16/2015 in Category

When I graduated from high school and even college my family came to the ceremony. I'm not talking about just my parents, but my entire family--aunts, uncles, grandparents and even crazy... More

My Fixer Upper

12/1/2015 in Category

My "fixer-upper"  home is a mix of unfinished projects. My husband is an excellent handyman but he does have a full-time job. Just as he is about to complete one thing, something else... More

Make Known

12/1/2015 in Category

Make Known the Unknown is about stories like Shelby's. Stories of new life found by being known, loved, and cherished by Jesus Christ.

Jesus came to make Himself known to all. That's the... More

You Are

11/11/2015 in Category

By Josh Collier

I was the dorky homeschooled kid. Not having gone to school since kindergarten, I started my high school years on the outside. Even though it was a small Christian school,... More